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Camellia House, known to many as ‘little Japan’ is a cultural oasis tucked into a quiet neighbourhood in Mooney’s Bay, located in Ottawa. In this private residence, we offer high quality, small gatherings and cultural classes. Camellia Teas welcomes students and guests to experience, explore and study the arts of Japan.


Throughout Japanese history, Chado (or Chanoyu, The Way of Tea), Shodo (The Way of the Brush, including Suibokuga and Sumie), Kado (or Ikebana, The Way of Flowers), and Kimono dressing were taught in the homes of teachers and practitioners. In this intimate setting, teacher and student form a close bond and often lifelong bond. At Camellia House, we seek to provide visitors and students with as much exposure to traditional Japanese culture as possible.


Through ongoing practice and study, Rebecca Cragg returns regularly to Japan to enhance and deepen her understanding of these traditional arts of Japan and, together with the permission and encouragement of her teachers, invites you to cross into this rare and beautiful world.  Come to Camellia Teas, explore the traditional arts of Japan, and experience some of the tranquility they offer!


Camellia Teas of Ottawa offers experiences in Tea (Chanoyu, or Chado, known to some as ‘tea ceremony’) in our private residence and arts studio. Students and guests also explore Calligraphy (Shodo), Brush Painting (Suibokuga/Sumi-e), Flower creations (Ikebana), Japanese traditional clothing (Kimono) and more. 

Explore our tatami rooms, beautiful Zen-inspired garden and take a quiet moment to celebrate beauty, joy and tranquility.  


Rebecca Cragg, B.A.(Hon)., M.A., B.Ed.


To learn more about Camellia House Students and the process of study, please enjoy and visit our tea study page or click on this link.


 Tea Study



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