The Camellia Tea Buds Art Programme is designed for children between 5 and 15 years old.

This art class programme for children and youth provides elements of peace, tranquility and simplicity for children. Through a connection to nature, art and beauty, your child will learn simple skills each lesson to share with family & friends!

The Camellia Buds Programme is designed to provide your child with lessons they can put into immediate use in the home, customized for the learning-style and interests of your child.

Each child spends hours in the company of others, the noise and resulting stress of having to adapt to the needs of the classroom can be challenging. Rebecca Cragg (B.A., M.A., B.Ed) has over 20 years teaching experience adapting and helping children from different cultures and circumstances.

Her gentleness and patience will allow your child to gain confidence and peace though customized lesson designed to enjoy:

Confidence and joy is one of the great benefits of working quietly with a child in private instruction.

stress-relief through Asian art and cultural practices

– bring to life your child’s creativity through art and flower training with a supportive teaching approach to encourage your little one to blossom!

Tranquility through experiences designed to help relax and escape the challenges of everyday school and home life.

Each level comprises 10 hour-long sessions with a focus on:
– ikebana flower arranging
– tea ceremony
– the art of natural wood fragrances of the ancient world
– zenscaping design for indoors and outdoors
– tea blending
– ink and brush Asian calligraphy
– traditional brush painting
– the way of textiles with kimono dressing
– sweets-making (vegan-friendly, gluten and nut free)

  Sharing the discoveries during lesson time with parents builds confidence and is a wonderful way to include the family in what children are learning.

Every 10th session, (at the end of each level), the child invites family or friends to a special experience which brings together all the arts they have learned.

As the programme progresses, the child learns a deep appreciation for hospitality, consideration of others, gratitude, kindness, patience and so, so much more.

If you are looking for a way to help your little one shine in a gentle and compassionate teaching context, this is a fantastic programme!

Rebecca’s Approach to teaching

Children share their discoveries during lesson time with parents and friends

The Camellia Bud Programme
“I started teaching children in the mountains of Mexico in 1995, and the ability to take the academic training I’d received, and combine it with humour and grace has been a joy for me these past 20 years.

Whether I’ve been teaching English, writing, cultural lessons, my focus has always been on one principle: meet the child where they are and bring them to a level of enrichment gently, where they feel safe and supported. This approach I find is outstanding in private and small group instruction.

Even with the most tender-hearted of students, taking class alongside even a best friend can lead to patterns where they might compete. There are so many other places in a child’s life for companionship and team exposure. So I created this programme for parents and children who’d like to build confidence and consideration in a relaxed, friendly, gentle and supportive environment.

The diversity of experiences offered at Level 1 is followed by more in-depth exposure by Level 2. After 20 hours of instruction, some children may continue to enjoy the diversity while others may like to choose one of the subjects presented and study that in more detail. Rebecca is always happy to hear ideas and welcomes proposals to meet your and your child’s needs at any time.

$50/hour for private lesson, all materials provided, including a programme workbook.
Children are welcome to take a lesson once a month, every other week, or weekly, as their interest and schedules allow. Classes are pre-paid by level and there is a 48-hour cancellation policy in effect.

If budget is a consideration, 30-minute classes are also available for $30 for 30 min.

For more information on how to register, feel free to contact Rebecca.