Camellia House offers private lessons in Ikebana in the Sagagoryu School as well as Chabana (tea ceremony) flower workshops. To learn more about how to register for these traditional Japanese flower arranging classes, feel free to contact Rebecca by email.

Rebecca Cragg is a license holder in Sagagoryu Ikebana from Japan where she lived and trained weekly for 7 years. She continues to visit her teacher, Mrs. Miyoho Takagi, a 3rd generation Ikebana master teacher on alternating years in Japan to continue her studies with Takagi-Sensei.

Rebecca was the Educational Coordinator on the Board of Directors for Ottawa Chapter 120 of Ikebana International for 5 years and her Ikebana has been exhibited at the Canadian Museum of History, Ottawa University, the Embassy of Japan as well as the Canadian Museum of Nature. She has provided the Ikebana International Chapter a number of presentations and demonstration since 2006 on Chanoyu (Omotesenke), Chabana and most recently Kintsugi (November 2016), the art of gold repair.

Ikebana studio at Camellia House indoors through fall and winter and outdoors in spring and summer.

Ikebana (Living Flowers), or KADO (The Way, or Path of Flowers) is often known as “Japanese Flower Arranging” in English.

In class, students receive detailed instruction on Sagagoryu ikebana form, but more than that, the opportunity to beautify their homes and workspaces with gorgeous floral arrangements is an added benefit. Connecting to nature, making sparing use of materials and enjoying the tranquility of Camellia House are all aspects of Ikebana study with Rebecca Cragg.

Ikebana is far more than the mere creation of a bouquet or aesthetic arrangement. Each work of art is an expression of philosophy, infused with symbolic elements. The are dozens of schools, each with a tremendous number of forms and styles. Students of Ikebana enjoy once or twice monthly classes where they learn about floral materials, vase combinations and of course, the 10 traditional styles (which include 76 variations) of the Sagagoryu School of Ikebana offered at Camellia House.

CLASS TIMES & Lesson Fees: Contact Rebecca for more information on how to book your private class. During the summer of 2017, Rebecca will offer an introductory class for beginners to Sagagoryu Ikebana on Saturday afternoons from 3 – 5 pm. Dates and times will be announced shortly. If you would like to be notified about these classes, feel free to get in touch directly.

Class fees include the floral materials which students bring home with them at the end of each class. Students bring their own notebook, pens and ikebana (or other clippers) scissors to class as well as a way of bringing the flowers home (paper for wrapping or a plastic bag etc). During one-time, introductory workshops, all materials are provided by Camellia House.

Contact Rebecca on the ‘contact page’ for more details.