The art of Zenscaping, or creating Japanese-inspired gardens for the Ottawa climate is a true pleasure! Rebecca Cragg offers on-site consultations, plans as well as provides lectures on Zenscaping principles for garden group throughout the region. A 12-hour course on Zenscaping principles is another way to make your dream to build an oasis for enjoyment come true! Contact Rebecca for more details.

Zenscaping Services include:
Consultations (on site or by telephone/email)
– Japanese-inspired garden design
hardscaping advice (walkways, paths, fencing, raked garden supplies)
planting and plant lists and pruning care and advice
decorative elements like lanterns etc (placement and local suppliers)
teahouse design and structure
pond design

Rebecca works with the client to empower you! Together, you develop a plan that is realistic, beautiful, tranquil, manageable and most important, within your capacity to maintain and a budget that is affordable. When necessary, she recommends other contractors as needed so you can have the entire project from consultation-visioning seen all the way through to completion.