Started in 2015 on the 10th anniversary of Rebecca’s return from Japan, the Camellia Kimono Club aims to provide those who love wearing kimono, or learning about them opportunities to wear their kimono in community. We offer club members discounted kimono dressing, group tutorials and fun events to connect with others in the National Capital area who love kimono.

Camellia Kimono Fashion Shows
Rebecca has organised a number of Kimono Fashion Shows on behalf of the Ottawa Japanese Community Association and in partnership with the Embassy of Japan in Canada at the Canadian Museum of history in 2006, 2008 and 2011. These large events take months of preparation and training for the numbers of models required, the skills and time involved in dressing each model.

Kimono Model Preparation
Many may think the Kimono is something to be put on easily or quickly. Nothing could be further from the truth! Kimono models need to know not only how to wear the kimono properly, but their hair and makeup must be impeccable and traditional. Dressing a person in kimono takes a minimum of 15 min., assuming their hair and makeup and size are compatible with a vintage kimono.

We take also great care to prepare models in the etiquette, grace and elegance of movement while in Kimono. If you are interested in a kimono fashion show, feel free to contact Rebecca directly.

Camellia Kimono Club members are people who love the kimono.
In Japan, and abroad, Japanese kimono teachers, sellers, merchant, antique vendors teach, train and sell kimonos to non-Japanese people. The views sometimes, of kimono-wearing inside, and outside Japan may differ (as they do from person to person).
Here is a video on a perspective of the wearing of the kimono by non-Japanese people. Camellia Kimono Club strives to respect, through dedication to wearing the kimono in the best way possible, to enjoy this beautiful gown. We hope everyone can keep an open mind and keep the dialogue of sharing kind and considerate. Just as there are Asians practicing Western artforms, wearing Western clothing, so too can we share and enjoy the beauty of each others’ cultures.