Body Painting

Dragon painting on Jessica

Body painting clients book a private appointment with Rebecca. Working with the client, a subject is chosen mutually through discussion. Depending on the complexity of the subject chosen and time to dedicate to your relaxation, sessions are from 30 min to 2 hours at start at $30 for 30 min. ($50 for one hour, $100 for 2 hours).

Booking your session
Feel free to email Rebecca your preferred times of day or week and from there a confirmation is sent (please note we have a 50% cancellation policy in effect 48-hours before your session. Thank you for your understanding).

Subject and Symbols
Whether the wisdom of the lotus, covering the body in lilies of love, or empowering the client with dragons or phoenix, traditional brush painting subjects each have their own power, their own symbolic meaning. Since the skin is our largest organ, the clarity of the painter, and the gift to the wearer’s body is an important energetic exchange. Before sessions, Rebecca spends time preparing the ink, but also in quiet and meditation. During the session, clients are encouraged to rest in quiet, contemplating the feather-light touch of the brush, enjoying the tranquility and allowing skin and spirit to drink in the painting.

Natural Suibokuga inks only are used and wash off in the shower easily.

Rebecca works intuitively, considering the person, their body and seeks to create a relaxing and beautiful, soothing experience for the guest as they enjoy the calm atmosphere of Camellia House. Contact her for more details.

“The work of Rebecca from Camellia Teas – Thank you ma belle for this amazing experience of being your canvas (or fourth treasure in calligraphy – brush, ink and stone being the three other treasures). Tu as transformé mon dos avec tant de finesse. Merci.”

How was your experience with Rebecca and body painting?
au début, c’était comme de la pluie fraîche, puis cela est devenu comme des si des plumes se déposaient sur ma peau, des plumes et des larmes, puis c’est devenu des spirales et des courbes.

J’ai pensé à mon amant pratiquement tout le temps comme si c’était elle qui explorait mon corps de ses doigts, comme si elle était la rivière faite femme avec des doigts de plumes et d’eau. Je me suis endormi un peu aussi, pas totalement mais quelques instants c’était tellement relaxant …
Merci pour cet échange et cet oeuvre d’art”