Camellia Tea Circle
The Tea Circle is a simple and beautiful tea-tasting ritual where all are guest and also host.
We offer all the utensils, tea and instruction; no experience is required to enjoy and participate.
Private Tea Circles are also possible and we can invite your group to Camellia House or travel to your location.

In this “Tea of No Self“, originating in Taiwan over 30 years ago – there was a movement away from the rigidity, rules and strictness or form that exists in certain ‘tea ceremony’ experiences. The concept was to relax, to enjoy – and to return Tea to its origins:
The joy of preparing outstanding tea in a gorgeous, natural environment, in the company of refined guests who shared a similar heart and mind, enjoying the spirit of art and beauty.

In Tea Circles throughout Asia and the world, the focus is on:
– exquisite, highest quality, natural teas (without artificial flavours etc)
– enjoy the companionship of others desire to serve others with a calm, warm and gentle heart
– a spirit of exploration, curiosity and kindness for the tea and those who prepare it for us

Visit the Calendar to see the next Tea Circle (held Saturday mornings throughout the year from 10:30 – 11:30 am for $20 per guest).