The Way of the Brush workshops and private lessons available.
Precision, dedication, motivation and patience are all characteristics of Shodo and many other Japanese Arts.

Camellia Teas offers courses in Shodo, or the Way of the Brush Calligraphy workshops in the Japanese style with our instructor Johanne Léveillé.


For more information on how to join a workshop or course, or pursue private lessons with Johanne-Sensei, please contact Rebecca.

HIRAGANA: A Dance of the Brush
JUNE 2017: We will be offering a 4-part Hiragana introductory course. Classes are 1 hour and 20 min, include all materials, tea and instruction with Johanne-Sensei. More information on dates and times will be available in mid-May 2017.

Instructor: Johanne Léveillé

Johanne holds a Masters degree in Intercultural Management with a specialty in Japanese culture. During the 15 years she lived in Japan, she trained in private classes with a Shodo master teacher, competing in National Shodo evaluations and receiving her 4th degree license in teaching. Upon her return to Canada, she continued her studies with a Chinese master calligrapher in Montreal and returns to see her teacher in Japan regularly for ongoing instruction. With nearly 30 years experience in Shodo, Johanne-Sensei also teaches Japanese language with JLPT level 1.

For more information on how to contact her for private Japanese language instruction or Shodo lessons, contact Rebecca.