Camellia Teas of Ottawa offers  a wide variety of services in the traditional art of Japan for individuals, small groups and corporate and team-building events. The largest presentations we have done are at National Museums for hundreds, and we host up to 20 guests for events within Camellia House. We also travel to your facility if you would like a special offering for your group.

Customized and Private Events
If you would like to celebrate a special occasion (bridal shower, wedding, birthday, anniversary or more), we work together to offer you and your guests a unique and very memorable experience. Prices range from $40 per person for groups upwards depending on the nature of the event, and what is needed. We are happy to work with small budgets and clientele of all kinds.

Camellia Teas is honoured to provide to you (personal or group sessions):
– Japanese Tea Ceremony (lessons, demonstrations, lectures, presentations, courses)
– Traditional Suibokuga brush painting (lessons, demonstrations, lectures, art sales, commissions)
Ikebana flower arranging (lessons, demonstrations, presentations, lectures)
Kimono (dressing services, lessons, sales and club activities, courses)
Zenscaping (Japanese-inspired garden landscape and interior design services and work)
Wagashi sweets-making (lessons and workshops, courses)
Kodo Incense Ceremony demonstrations and experiences and courses
Shodo Calligraphy (lessons and referral for commissions)
Oshi-e kimono silk fabric applique art (lessons and demonstrations)
Origami paper-folding (workshops and private instruction)
Japanese Travel and Language (travel advice and pre-departure etiquette sessions, Japanese language instruction by referral)
Kintsugi gold line repair and ceramic re-touching of treasured pieces you would like to keep
Matcha-whisking instruction (single session)

Private or Small-group Instruction
It can be challenging with our busy schedules to coordinate a group outing; often some of these experiences are also best enjoyed in smaller numbers. Just as we visit a massage therapist on our own, so too can you enjoy Camellia Teas experiences of tranquility and learning on your own (or with a friend).

For a 1-hour private session for any of the sessions listed above, $50 per person.
For a 1-hour session for 2 people or more (up to 10, depending on the event), $40 per person.
For an in-depth private 2-hour session on one topic, $80 per person
For an in-depth session for 2 people or more (up to 10, depending on the event), $50 per person.

We look forward to being in touch and planning a special lesson, workshop, event or occasion to celebrate with you!

**Our services do not at this time include:
– Kimono as costume or rental (or cleaning or commission sales of your kimono)
– Camellia House venue rental
Thank you for your understanding.